Meatless Mains for Thanksgiving


Last week we talked about staying healthy, fit, and sane over the holidays. This week we want to focus on what to do during Thanksgiving if you’re following a meatless diet. Your typical Thanksgiving meal is fairly meat heavy. Of course the main course is usually a turkey, but it’s not uncommon to find pork, chicken, or all of the above combined into one meaty monstrosity (turducken.) Here are our favorite options for meatless mains for your Thanksgiving!


1. Sweet Potato Casserole

This is super easy and tasty to make. While not quite a “main,” we would definitely eat this as a meal. A quick google search has a bunch of recipe results for you to check out as well. The main idea is the same: Sweet potatoes, butter, sugar, eggs, and some sort of crunchy topping.

2. Vegetable Pot Pie

This is probably the best option for a meatless main. Grab some fresh organic veggies and your favorite pie crust, add a creamy vegetable or potato soup and you are all set!


3. Veggie Lasagna

Lasagna doesn’t necessarily scream Thanksgiving but it is a hearty meal that can carry you through the holidays without gobbling up those bacon wrapped dates. Adding layers of delicious Autumn veggies puts a harvest twist on the classic comfort food.

4. Tofurkey

When push comes to shove, nothing can beat that turkey taste. Tofurkey might be the closest thing. Of course you can customize with your favorite vegetarian seasonings and loads of your favorite stuffing. A tofurkey contains a whopping 33 grams of protein, and you don’t have to worry about snoozing from the post turkey tryptophan/food coma.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving meatless main? Let us know in the comments below! From all of us at Sky Valley Foods, we wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!


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