Sky Valley Food's Whole30 Starter Guide

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Starting a Whole30 diet can be intimidating. Figuring out which foods you can eat, and which foods are off-limits takes a bit of research. If you’re planning on starting a Whole30 diet, you should always consult with a healthcare professional first. So first things first, what is a Whole30 Diet?

The Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 diet similar to a FODMAP diet is a diet designed to reset your eating habits. Where a FODMAP diet focuses on removing items and slowly reintroducing them, a Whole30 Diet focuses on removing specific items from your diet for a 30 day period. This can be useful to find a food allergy, retrain your metabolism, or help you lose weight that is otherwise harder to do via traditional diets and exercise. For more information head over to their official website for a complete definition and all the potential benefits of this diet. Learn more about the Whole 30 diet here.

Look for this label

So How Do You Get Started? 

Schedule your plan for 30 days. There are specific food groups you have to avoid during the 30 days. This includes grains, alcohol, certain legumes, dairy, baked goods, chips, junk food, and anything with added sugar. 

Sounds tough right? Well, I big part of being successful on a Whole30 diet is to focus on what you can eat, and making those items taste as delicious as you can! 


So What Can I Eat?

You can eat a ton of foods that are really good for you, and taste incredible. Focus on high protein meats and eggs, tons of vegetables, and tons of fruit. Have a sweet tooth? Turn to fruit. It's a great dessert alternative while you are doing a Whole30 diet. If you are eating something packaged, make sure the ingredients are few, and you can read and pronounce them with no issue. Shop the perimeter for produce and protein and you’ll be all set! 


It might be tough cooking without oil or butter, but you can cook with Ghee. Ghee is clarified butter that has been cooked to remove the majority of milk fat. It’s not as delicious as a standard butter, margarine, or oil, but it’s much better for you and it’s Whole30 approved! 

Are You Ready?


Hit the grocery store and grab your cart. Go to town with fresh fruits, veggies, meat, eggs, seafood. But how do you season it? Herbs and spices are Whole30 approved and you can still use salt and pepper. With Sky Valley Foods upcoming line of Whole30 approved sauces and dressings, there are endless options for seasoning and spicing up your Whole30 dishes! No excuses!

So what do you think? Feel like testing out the diet? Have you already had success with it? Let us know in the comments and share your results!

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