frequently asked questions


Does your facility use Peanuts?

Yes, we do use Peanuts in some of our products.  We do allergen washes on all equipment. We also swab the kettles and the line after batches containing major allergens to make sure the equipment is safe to us.  We leave it up to the Consumer to decide what is best for their Safety and wellbeing.

What smoke flavoring is used in your BBQ sauce

Sunflower oil and smoke. There is no carrageen or anatto in it.

Are your Products Gluten Free

All SkyValley and Organicville Product are Gluten Free.

No, the White Balsamic has not been discontinued.  Please check with your Whole Food stores.  It should be readily available there.

Has the White Balsamic Dressing been Discontinued?

We use are “a proprietary blend of Ginger & Cinnamon”.

What Organic Spices are used in the Organicville Stone Ground Mustard?

Yes, our Pizza and Pasta Sauces all contain yeast.

Do your Products contain yeast?

We used Organic White Vinegar in our Mustards.

What kind of Vinegar is used in your Organic Mustards?

Yes, we use Apple Cider Vinegar in our Ketchup.

Does your Organic Ketchup contain Apple Cider Vinegar?

Yes, we do apologize to our consumer who love this dressing but we have retired this one.

Has your Sesame Tamari Dressing been discontinued?

Agave is sourced from Mexico & that it is 100% pure organic and Non-GMO Certified.

Where do you source your Agave from?

We will be adding a store locator shortly on our website that you can use that will help you locate Stores in your area that will have our product.  You may also order Direct online through our E commerce web site. All our products will be live by the end of March 2018, currently we are launching with our top 15 products.

Where can I find any of your products at?  My Store is out?