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How To Use Thai Peanut Sauce On (Almost) Anything

December 1st, 2022

Thai Butternut Squash Soup with Sky Valley organic Thai Peanut Sauce

When you think of Thai Peanut Sauce, what most likely comes to mind is a sweet, slightly spicy, and savory Pad Thai dish, or perhaps a creamy marinade with a delicious depth of flavor. But this versatile sauce has much more to offer than just these uses! Most often associated with Thai cooking (at least in western countries), peanut sauce is traditionally made from roasted or fried ground peanuts, which allow for a better melding of the peanut flavor with the sauces and other ingredients.

While it’s mostly used as a basting sauce for pork, chicken, and other proteins, Thai Peanut Sauce can add a unique flavor profile to many different meals or snacks. Here are some ways you can use this creamy sauce that go beyond your standard noodle dishes or salads.

Dip your veggies

If you’re looking for creative ways to get more veggies into your diet, this dip is the way to do it! Carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, red peppers, and snow peas are just some of the vegetables that taste great when paired with Thai Peanut Sauce. Try a unique twist with your veggies and dip Summer Rolls into the rich, peanut flavor!

Dress up some tacos or lettuce wraps

Traditional Mexican Street Tacos, step aside for a few. Thai Chicken Tacos with peanut sauce are packed with flavor and make for a unique Taco Tuesday menu. But, if you’re opting for a healthier, veggie-forward moment, Thai Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps are a delicious alternative.  For some inspo, check out this Thai Peanut Chicken Wraps Recipe!

Toss with chicken wings or “cauliflower wings”

Buffalo Hot Wings may be the shining star at any tailgate or sports bar, but Thai Peanut Chicken Wings or Cauliflower Florets make a great contender. If you love Chicken Satay, this creamy, sweet, and savory alternative will make for an easy yet flavorful crowd-pleaser.

Craft a unique and flavorful chicken burger

Cutting down on red meat but miss a good burger now and then? Swap your standard recipe for a Chicken Burger, instead! You can get all the flavors of a Chicken Satay in a burger topped with a Thai-inspired slaw to add some crunch and freshness.

Use as a base for soup or stew

There are several different ways you can use Thai Peanut Sauce as a base for soup or stew, such as Thai Butternut Squash Soup or Thai Peanut Chicken Coconut Soup. The creaminess of the sauce makes for a thick and smooth base that provides both warmth and depth.


Thai Peanut Sauce has such an interesting history and evolution that spans across several Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and its rich flavors can be used in several different ways that go beyond what we commonly see the sauce paired alongside. Whatever way you use this versatile sauce, it’s definitely worth experimenting with!