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Taco Sauce

Drizzle, splash or use as a marinade, our Taco
sauce is ready to liven up any taco dish.
With a mouthwatering blend of tomatoes, garlic and
traditional spices, the bottle will be empty
before you know it!

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Green Sriracha

This sauce is a fiery complement to any dish!
Turn up the heat with fresh flavors of zesty lime,
jalape├▒o pepper and cilantro.

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Thai Peanut

Take your tastebuds on a trip to Southeast Asia
with our creamy Thai Peanut Sauce! Try it as a
dipping sauce, or as a sweet addition to a
Pad Thai dish.

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Sriracha Sauce

Our Sriracha continues to impress with its
fusion of heat, garlic and spices, making this
a must try for any die-hard hot sauce fan.
Plant-based and gluten-free!

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Exploring flavors from around the world

Meeting your dietary needs

Share a meal, share the world.

Food can open doors, hearts, and new points of view. Flavors can transport us across the boundaries that divide.

A single dish, layered with warmth and spice, perfected over generations, can give a taste of traditions and heritage far beyond our own experience. This is a gift to all of us and our mission for you.

Our Story

Sky Valley was created in 2010 and named after founder Rachel Kruse’s daughter, Sky. Rachel had ideas of unique and delicious foods for all to enjoy, and a goal to deliver products with delicious and authentic around-the-world flavors. A decade later, our mission is still the same today. We want to empower our customers with convenient, authentic flavors to cook amazing international meals right at home.

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